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Friendship Sloop Blackjack to be launched at Sail, Power and Steam Museum

Rockland, ME On Saturday, July 7, at approximately 12 p.m., the rebuilt Friendship Sloop ‘Blackjack’ will be launched at the Sail, Power and Steam Museum in Rockland. (Photo courtesy of the Sail, Power and Steam Museum) ROCKLAND — On Saturday, July 7, at approximately 12 p.m., the rebuilt Friendship Sloop Blackjack will be launched at the Sail, Power and Steam Museum in Rockland. This 118 year old boat has been lovingly restored by a team of professionals and volunteers. Friendship sloops were Maine's first lobster boats and are symbolic of Maine's fishery. Blackjack was originally built by Wilbur Morse in Friendship, Maine. Blackjack will be hauled by a team of oxen from the museum to the launching ramp at the Snow Marine Park in Rockland. They will be encouraged in their task and onlookers will be entertained by 12 Belfast Fiddlers. In addition there will be bagpipes and a toast for the ceremony. All are welcome to celebrate the restoration of this boat and Maine's boatbuilding and fishing heritage.

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